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Leonardo Raneri has been in the health and wellness field for over ten years. Before receiving his massage therapy certification, Leonardo was a corporate human resources director in the restaurant and hotel service industry.  He fully understands the importance of investing in people, resources, engaging them to perform at their peak and leading a more fulfilling productive work life. While working in this 24/7 work environment, he saw the direct correlation of employee appreciation to company profitability.

Leonardo recognized an opportunity to present employers and employees with an improved work life environment. He then studied the health benefits of massage and how it nurtures the mind and body. This knowledge gave him a unique understanding of how massage can boost a person's alertness, consciousness and physical balance.

In 2005, Massage At Work, LLC was established creating the foundation for Leonardo's expertise in wellness.  He is passionate about educating executives how to understand how a healthy work environment improves profitability, reduces medical costs, absenteeism, sick days and worker's compensation claims, all which provide a significant return on investment. Maintaining healthy work environments help lower exposure to risks such as anxiety, stress induced illnesses and loss of productivity.  The effects of providing rewarding benefits to employees increases productivity and satisfaction overall. More companies achieve "employer of choice"  when they invest in employee wellness programs.  This investment increases employee loyalty and productivity, reduces turnover, improves job satisfaction and personal growth.  Once your staff is happy, your company will flourish and shareholders will be overjoyed.

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