Massage = Healthier, happier, sharper employees

As a former human resources executive, Leon Ranieri, founder of Massage at Work LLC, knows just how important it is to invest in employees, and as an executive saw a direct correlation between employee appreciation and company more


You won't be disappointed by the body rubs given by therapist Leo Ranieri, whose hypnotic voice, strong hands, and use of stretching and deep-breathing techniques will put you in a words-slurring more

If your schedule has been anything like ours, you're on accelerated deadlines at work so you can take that much-needed vacation. Before you go into panic mode and binge eat on sugar cookies or french fries, take a short moment to physically help yourself relax. Corporate employee-turned-masseur Leonardo Ranieri devotes his career to providing body rubs in the office place with his company Massage at Work. (Note: We've tried a massage with him, and it's absolutely mind-numbing.) But if you can't make it to the spa, try targeting these three pressure points more

Massage At Work USA is pleased to announce that they will participate in IKEA’s BYOF (Bring Your Own Friend) appreciation event this Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the Elizabeth location. IKEA will be providing life improvement experiences for their customers throughout the day — including rejuvenating chair massages, which will be a nationwide, in-store event full of special perks and activities designed to be shared with friends and more
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