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Looking for a new way to recognize your team's efforts?  A quick yet relaxing chair massage is the perfect way to let your team know that you support them and appreciate their hard work.

Massage At Work is a nationwide massage service provider (continental US territories).  We are committed to providing consistent quality services to our clients.

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We offer three service programs:

  • Employee sponsored 100% 

  • Employer sponsored 100% with discounts on frequency.

  • Co-Sponsored employer and employee i.e. 70/30 % or 50/50 % or whatever percentage meets your company's budget.

All of our therapists are state licensed and insured (malpractice insurance).

Sales tax may apply.

Rates for private appointments vary from the corporate rate, depending on the time, type of service, and number of massage therapists required for the service.

To provide you with the best rate for an employer sponsored program, let us know how many employees work at your location or locations.
We can provide massage therapy to different location simultaneously or on escalating dates.

Please complete the form for a customized quote. A Massage At Work representative will contact you promptly.
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