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Massage At Work services enhance employees' work life, which contributes to a more productive and engaged working environment. 

We offer customized bodywork in the form of chair and table massages to cater to the clients' special needs in sessions of 15 to 30 minute or longer.  Services are provided on site, at corporate fitness centers, convention spaces, conference rooms and health fairs.  

Massage At Work services can add fun and relaxation to your private, corporate or other special events. We can setup in your office, conference rooms, outdoor spaces, or any other venue where a company event is taking place Ask how our services can enhance your employees' enjoyment at the following occasions:

  • Company Picnics
  • Holiday Parties
  • Staff Appreciation Days

It's the perfect way to thank the people you care about for what they do for you or to relieve the pressures and stress of hectic work events.

We also provide individual and private services. A licensed and insured massage therapist will provide you with a massage session in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Now you can pamper your guests at birthdays, bridal parties and other special occasions with an experience they will truly cherish.

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